European Coach Federation (ECF) is the first professional coaching community in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.


The true art of a coach lies in quality changes of the clients' lives!


Vision of specialized coaching by ECF

     Our focus is improving of the specialized coaching quality. Thousands of narrow-profile coaching sessions demonstrate that clients are not always able to find answers to their questions by mere virtue of classical coaching.   Combining various approaches is one of the most efficient methods of specialized coaching. ECF sees this approach as having good prospects of increasing the efficiency and performance of coaches. Moreover, in some specialization areas, to conduct a coaching session, a couch needs to have higher or special education corresponding to his or her profile and specialization.   Conducting of a specialized session according to ECF standards allows using of three or four methodologies (coaching, training, mentoring, expert consulting).   The proportion of coaching and other methods in each session may be selected according to the participant's wishes, his or her experience, the level of his or her personal and professional maturity and certain situation.




    Professionalism in ECF implies a particular ability of coaches – to perform complex coaching activity within their specialization areas systematically, efficiently and reliably. A specialized professional coaching activity is objectively available to professionals only, therefore it requires a certain period of theoretical studies and practice to master it.


Successful relationships with clients, coaches and professional community of the European Coach Federation

     We understand the successful relationships as the relationships where the parties have chosen, agreed and approved in written possible mutual results, prospects and consequences.   ECF guarantees the transparency, fairness and responsibility at any stage: before, during and after the process. In case of any unexpected situations good relations is our priority, therefore we will always find an alternative solution if necessary.


Loyalty to high standards

     We know that some languages have no such word as commitment or adherence, thus translation is not always possible. Nevertheless, any language speaker can get the feeling of commitment by combining devotion, passion, loyalty and love. We suppose that readiness to meet high standards of professional coaching in the state of commitment, without doubt, contributes to the development of the profession and opens many unused resources of coaches. Commitment to high standards is the source of progress and reliability.


ECF fundamentals

The right of a consumer

     The main right of a coaching service consumer is the right to personal success. The Client Bill of Rights is a step towards clarification of intentions of a professional coach in respect of the client.


Specialization areas

     We in ECF see the specialization (from Lat. specialis — specific, particular, individual) as a profound mastery of a relatively narrow field within the speciality, which ensures the required level of competence necessary for an expert to satisfy the client's demands and needs. Any specialization is based on the common principles, rules of coaching process composition, coaching standards, respective norms, as well as the code of ethics for coaching activity. Professional coaches with a portfolio of satisfied clients in separate specialization areas place coaching among the respected professions.

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Combining of methods

     Certification according to ECF standard in certain specialization areas allows to conduct sessions both by implementing the coaching approach and by mixing two, three of four methods (coaching, training, mentoring, expert consulting). The proportion of coaching and other methods in each session may be selected according to the participant's wishes and the level of his or her personal and professional maturity.



     The methodology implemented by a specialized ECF coach implies competence in the three fields:   client, environment, coach.

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Eight competencies of a professional ECF coach

     Certified ECF coaches have eight specific proficiencies, which bring a positive effect during work with a client.

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ECF Code

     A certified ECF coach performs his or her professional activity in line with the ECF Code of Ethics.

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ECF values

     We make all our decisions based on our values and principles.


Degrees of certification of coaches

     The degrees of specialized coaching according to ECF standards have four levels: CCC, CSC, CRSC and CRRC.

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Principles of ECF

- we recommend only the true coaches - the experts of their profile;

- we recommend you only those coaches who have already proved their performance with clients;

- we recommend only those coaches who have successfully proved their efficiency by verified and approved results in working with clients;

- we recommend only those coaches who are recommended by their clients;

- we recommend only those coaches who work in accordance with the professional ECF standards;

- we recommend those coaches who collaborate with their clients in line with the Client Bill of Rights adopted by ECF;

- we recommend only those coaches whose coaching (methodological) approach is harmless for a client during interaction.