The true art of a coach lies in quality changes of the clients' lives!


Mission of  ECF

      To protect and satisfy the interests of coaching consumers by enhancing the standards of professional coaches and the awareness of clients.


ECF aims

- to increase the number of coaching specializations maintained on a high class level;
- to develop the specialized high class coaching services;
- to increase the number of schools and programs accredited in the area of specialized high class coaching;
- to increase the number of certified high class coaching experts with extraordinary performance.

(The aims are set by ECF Committee 2017)


ECF objectives

     The main objective of ECF is to ensure support to legal and private users of coaching services, coaches and coaching schools.

The following aims and objectives are of great importance for us:

1. Services for our clients:

- risk reduction;
- informing the clients about their rights in terms of requirements to professional coaches;
- satisfaction of the clients' needs by rendering the services of reliable and qualified coaches;
- providing of choice among the most competitive offers of high class coaching experts.

2. Services for coaches:

- establishing of a coaching community and promotion of their services;
- provision of the latest and most efficient marketing tools;
- recommending of the best coaches in their specialization areas to potential clients, networking;
- support to newcomer coaches in entering the market and skill development;
- granting new certification standards for coaches in specific specialization areas according to CCC, CSC, CRSC and CRRC gradation;
- recommending the best accredited schools and study programs for advanced training of coaches in certain specialization areas;
- organization and holding of on-line and off-line workshops and training courses according to ECF standards;
- organization and holding of conferences.

3. Services for coaching schools:

- accreditation of coaching schools;
- accreditation of products and services for upgrading of coaches' skills;
- creation of products and services for upgrading of coaches' skills;
- provision of efficient marketing tools for coaching schools;
- giving references to the best coaching schools for their work with potential clients;
- increasing of standards of coaching schools and professional communities.